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The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs

The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs, the first of its kind, provides a current overview of recent research on the Aztec empire, the best documented prehispanic society in the Americas. Chapters span from the establishment of Aztec city-states to the encounter with the Spanish empire and the Colonial period that shaped the modern world. Articles in the Handbook take up new research trends and methodologies and current debates. The Handbook articles are divided into seven parts. Part I, Archaeology of the Aztecs, introduces the Aztecs, as well as Aztec studies today, including the recent practice of archaeology, ethnohistory, museum studies, and conservation. The articles in Part II, Historical Change, provide a long-term view of the Aztecs starting with important predecessors, the development of Aztec city-states and imperialism, and ending with a discussion of the encounter of the Aztec and Spanish empires. Articles also discuss Aztec notions of history, writing, and time. Part III, Landscapes and Places, describes the Aztec world in terms of its geography, ecology, and demography at varying scales from households to cities. Part IV, Economic and Social Relations in the Aztec Empire, discusses the ethnic complexity of the Aztec world and social and economic relations that have been a major focus of archaeology. Articles in Part V, Aztec Provinces, Friends, and Foes, focuses on the Aztec's dynamic relations with distant provinces, and empires and groups that resisted conquest, and even allied with the Spanish to overthrow the Aztec king. This is followed by Part VI, Ritual, Belief, and Religion, which examines the different beliefs and rituals that formed Aztec religion and their worldview, as well as the material culture of religious practice. The final section of the volume, Aztecs after the Conquest, carries the Aztecs through the post-conquest period, an increasingly important area of archaeological work, and considers the place of the Aztecs in the modern world.

Articles in the Handbook take up new research trends and methodologies and current debates. The Handbook articles are divided into seven parts.

People of the Tropical Rain Forest

Looks at the depiction of tropical rain forests in movies and art, discusses government policy, business exploitation, and the future of the rain forest, and describes the lives of forest people in South America, Africa, and Asia

Regionalism and the Reading Class

Globalization and the Internet are smothering cultural regionalism, that sense of place that flourished in simpler times. These two villains are also prime suspects in the death of reading. Or so alarming reports about our homogenous and dumbed-down culture would have it, but as Regionalism and the Reading Class shows, neither of these claims stands up under scrutiny—quite the contrary. Wendy Griswold draws on cases from Italy, Norway, and the United States to show that fans of books form their own reading class, with a distinctive demographic profile separate from the general public. This reading class is modest in size but intense in its literary practices. Paradoxically these educated and mobile elites work hard to put down local roots by, among other strategies, exploring regional writing. Ultimately, due to the technological, economic, and political advantages they wield, cosmopolitan readers are able to celebrate, perpetuate, and reinvigorate local culture. Griswold’s study will appeal to students of cultural sociology and the history of the book—and her findings will be welcome news to anyone worried about the future of reading or the eclipse of place.

In addition to these, respondents saw four names from a list of “General Authors,”
writers who are well known but not strongly associated with any one state, and
the rest randomly drawn from the entire list of authors. ... Each respondent was
presented one of the three culture modules—food, music, or literature. ...
American Literature, The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to the United States,
the Encyclopedia of Frontier and Western Fiction, and the Encyclopedia of
Southern Culture.

Suffragists in an Imperial Age

U.S. Expansion and the Woman Question, 1870-1929

In 1899, Carrie Chapman Catt, who succeeded Susan B. Anthony as head of the National American Women Suffrage Association, argued that it was the "duty" of U.S. women to help lift the inhabitants of its new island possessions up from "barbarism" to "civilization," a project that would presumably demonstrate the capacity of U.S. women for full citizenship and political rights. Catt, like many suffragists in her day, was well-versed in the language of empire, and infused the cause of suffrage with imperialist zeal in public debate. Unlike their predecessors, who were working for votes for women within the context of slavery and abolition, the next generation of suffragists argued their case against the backdrop of the U.S. expansionism into Indian and Mormon territory at home as well as overseas in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. In this book, Allison L. Sneider carefully examines these simultaneous political movements--woman suffrage and American imperialism--as inextricably intertwined phenomena, instructively complicating the histories of both.

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Schurz ...

Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countires

Social Support and Integration

With longer life expectancy, most countries are now experiencing rapid ageing among their populations. Ethnic Chinese populations are no exception to these demographic transformations. During the twentieth century, there has been a wide dispersion of Chinese people throughout the world, as well as dramatic socio-political changes within China. These unique factors have strained traditional filial norms and necessitated a re-examination of intergenerational relationships and the roles of elderly Chinese people. This book investigates the varied adaptations of social support systems and social integration among ageing Chinese populations within a diverse set of countries in the Pacific Rim region. The book is a collection of scholarly papers addressing such topics as community care, family support, one-child families and social isolation. Each paper illustrates the importance of social support networks and social integration to the quality of life for elderly Chinese persons living in dissimilar circumstances.

Ho-hon Leung Bird-keeping is extremely popular in Hong Kong. A newspaper
columnist once reported that bird-shop owners estimated there were about 200
000 bird- keepers in Hong Kong. Although the number may not be accurate, we
can see that people keep birds everywhere. If we look into the windows of any
residential buildings, it is not difficult to find cages hung against windows or in the
balcony. Taxi or mini-van (a public transport) drivers take their birds to work.

How to Pick a Lover

For Women Who Want to Win at Love

While it may be considered taboo, any woman married, single, or otherwise should feel good about her decision to take a lover. How To Pick a Lover is a groundbreaking book written to help women have meaningful and rewarding love affairs. How do you choose a lover? There are no time-honored rules, Greek chorus, or yenta to tell you what qualities to look for or how to avoid potential minefields. Literature is ripe with cautionary tales about bad things that happen to good women who stoop to the "folly" of taking a lover. And traditionally, a womans sexuality has been secondary to that of a mans. How To Pick a Lover takes you on a journey of self-discovery, exploring your right to emotional and sexual fulfillment including the option of having a lover. Many of your attitudes and beliefs about courting and being courted will be challenged throughout the pages of this book. In return, you will gain insights into the attributes and behaviors of men positive and negative that you must pay attention to if you are to pick a lover that is right for you.

MoEEEA'HoN. ANE. MEIDTUCRTTT: UN. LET'HNG. Go. I have not heen afraid of
excess: excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderationfrom acquiring
the deadening efl'iect of a hahit. —W. Somerset Maugham Having sex, even
having quite nice orgasms, can be a relative cerebral experience. The sensations
are nice, but not astounding; the emotions are interesting, but not profound. The
act may be sort of interesting, but not fascinating, and certainly not awesome or ...

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict

The 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict provides timely and useful information about antagonism and reconciliation in all contexts of public and personal life. Building on the highly-regarded 1st edition (1999), and publishing at a time of seemingly inexorably increasing conflict and violent behaviour the world over, the Encyclopedia is an essential reference for students and scholars working in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies, and for those seeking to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for social justice and social change. Covering topics as diverse as Arms Control, Peace Movements, Child Abuse, Folklore, Terrorism and Political Assassinations, the Encyclopedia comprehensively addresses an extensive information area in 225 multi-disciplinary, cross-referenced and authoritatively authored articles. In his Preface to the 1st edition, Editor-in-Chief Lester Kurtz wrote: "The problem of violence poses such a monumental challenge at the end of the 20th century that it is surprising we have addressed it so inadequately. We have not made much progress in learning how to cooperate with one another more effectively or how to conduct our conflicts more peacefully. Instead, we have increased the lethality of our combat through revolutions in weapons technology and military training. The Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict is designed to help us to take stock of our knowledge concerning these crucial phenomena." Ten years on, the need for an authoritative and cross-disciplinary approach to the great issues of violence and peace seems greater than ever. More than 200 authoritative multidisciplinary articles in a 3-volume set Many brand-new articles alongside revised and updated content from the First Edition Article outline and glossary of key terms at the beginning of each article Entries arranged alphabetically for easy access Articles written by more than 200 eminent contributors from around the world

This process is reinforcing the change from an institutional military designed to
win wars to an occupational model where professional expertise is more valued
than loyalty. While nations still perceived as 'major powers' are likely to maintain
larger militaries, at least in the short term, their mission is changing to reflect the
need for smaller, more highly skilled mobile units. Additionally, the fit between
organizational needs and the skills and abilities of personnel has become more ...

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

From the music of Louis Armstrong to the portraits by Beauford Delaney, the writings of Langston Hughes to the debut of the musical Show Boat, the Harlem Renaissance is one of the most significant developments in African-American history in the twentieth century. The Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, in two-volumes and over 635 entries, is the first comprehensive compilation of information on all aspects of this creative, dynamic period. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclopedi a of Harlem Renaissance website.

The Rens were barred from the first professional league, whichstarted in1925–
1926, but they continued tomaintain an independent schedule.The Original
Celtics, perhapsinprotest overthe Rens' exclusion, hadalsorefused tojoin thenew
league and remained the Rens' top opponent evenafter the founding ofthe
Harlem Globetrotters in 1927.The Rens thrived even during theDepression,
winning their first world professional championship in1932 andremaining the
topblack team until ...

Gender Relations in an Indonesian Society

Bugis Practices of Sexuality and Marriage

In Gender Relations in an Indonesian Society Nurul Ilmi Idrus offers a comprehensive ethnography of Bugis marriage, exploring aspects of gender and sexuality in this bilateral, highly competitive, hierarchical society.

In Gender Relations in an Indonesian Society Nurul Ilmi Idrus offers a comprehensive ethnography of Bugis marriage, exploring aspects of gender and sexuality in this bilateral, highly competitive, hierarchical society.