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The Plays of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, Isaac Reed, Samuel Johnson. fir Masters, The Taming of
the Shrew, The [Merchant q Venice, and, I believe, Hamlel, Timon ofdthens, and
The Second and Third Part of King Henry VI.: whereas no proof has hitherto been

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Things Fall Apart, set in Nigeria about a century ago, is widely regarded as Chinua Achebe's masterpiece. Considered one of the most broadly read African novels, Achebe's work responded to the two-dimensional caricatures of Africans that often dominated Western literature. This guide contains a selection of contemporary criticism of this novel.

any early modern writers, including Shakespeare, celebrated the state's growing
penetration of daily life.1 On the other hand, because the social imaginary
founded on the nation-state was still emergent in the period, early modern writers
, ...

William Shakespeare's Macbeth

A collection of literary criticism focusing on Shakespeare's play Macbeth.

ought to be the least sympathetic of Shakespeare's hero- villains. He is a
murderer of old men, women, and children and has a particular obsession with
overcoming time by murdering the future: hence his failed attempt to kill Fleance
and his ...

The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works

A general introduction, also by the Arden General Editors, gives the reader an overall view of how and why Shakespeare has become such an influential cultural icon, and how perceptions of his work have changed in the intervening four centuries. The introduction summarises the known facts about the dramatist's life, his reading and use of sources, and the nature of theatrical performance during his lifetime.

William Shakespeare Richard Proudfoot, Ann Thompson, David Scott Kastan ...
In 1664, Pericles was the first of seven plays attributed to Shakespeare which
were added as a supplement to a reissue of the 1663 Third Folio. Alone of the
seven ...

The Plays of William Shakespeare : Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copy Left by the Late George Steevens

With a Series of Engravings, from Original Designs of Henry Fuseli, and a Selection of Explanatory and Historical Notes, from the Most Eminent Commentators; a History of the Stage, a Life of Shakespeare, &c. by Alexander Chalmers

With a Series of Engravings, from Original Designs of Henry Fuseli, and a
Selection of Explanatory and Historical Notes, from the Most Eminent
Commentators; a History of the Stage, a Life of Shakespeare, &c. by Alexander
Chalmers William ...

The Oxford Shakespeare: The History of King Lear

The 1608 Quarto

The Oxford Shakespeare offers authoritative texts from leading scholars in editions designed to interpret and illuminate the plays for modern readers - a new, modern-spelling text, based on the Quarto text of 1608 - on-page commentary and notes explain meaning, staging, allusions and much else - detailed introduction considers composition, sources, performances and changing critical attitudes to the play - illustrated with production photographs and related art - includes 'The Ballad of King Lear' and related offshoots - full index to introduction and commentary - durable sewn binding for lasting use 'not simply a better text but a new conception of Shakespeare. This is a major achievement of twentieth-century scholarship.' Times Literary Supplement ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Goneril and Regan are much less psychologically complex than most
Shakespearean characters of comparable importance.'1 Shakespeare drew on
many other direct as well as traditional sources, too, and his transmutation of his
inherited ...

The Plays of Shakespeare, in Nine Volumes..

William Shakespeare. laise 2. 60 As you LIKE IT. AS YoU LIKE IT *'''.in his of me:
T. '' ''': # RosALIND - 61 orrow..."...'Y co - rto £, Let your weddin then leam - |W £. £
ure in rhetori: : # all his thither w Wi er wi "tented £ ill I invite the duke 'i * * hare: ...

The Applause First Folio of Shakespeare in Modern Type

(Applause Books). This landmark publication is printed in clear, legible type. Each play has its own comprehensive introduction as well as extensive, expert annotations. Highlighted areas show where lines have been altered over time and also shows where verse has been changed to prose in the past (but not here!) The original compositions are marked and folio clues are highlighted.

Special thanks to Norman Welsh who first introduced me to the Folio Text, and to
Tina Packer who (with Kristin Linklater and all the members of Shakespeare & Co
.) allowed me to explore the texts on the rehearsal floor. To Jane Nichols for her ...

Shakespeare Stories

An acclaimed author has rewritten twelve of Shakespeare's plays in narrative form, retaining much of the original language, and thus the flavor of the bard's dramas.

Leon Garfield, William Shakespeare. The. Tempest. Far, far away, upon the shore
of a strange island that was forever wrapped in mists that the sun changed into
moving curtains of gold, there sat an ageing man and his young, lovely daughter.