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Data Collection

Key Debates and Methods in Social Research

This innovative book provides students and researchers alike with an indispensible introduction to the key theoretical issues and practical methods needed for data collection. It uses clear definitions, relevant interdisciplinary examples from around the world and up-to-date suggestions for further reading to demonstrate how to usefully gather and use qualitative, quantitative, and mixed data sets. The book is divided into seven critical parts: • Data Collection: An Introduction to Research Practices • Collecting Qualitative Data • Observation and Informed Methods • Experimental and Systematic Data Collection • Survey Methods for Data Collection • The Case Study Method of Data Collection • Concluding Suggestions for Data Collection Groups A stimulating, practical guide which can be read as individual concepts or as a whole this will be an important resource for students and research professionals. Wendy Olsen is Senior Lecturer at Manchester University, Institute for Development Policy & Management and Cathie Marsh Centre for Census & Survey Research

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