Social Network Analysis for Startups

Finding connections on the social web

Does your startup rely on social network analysis? This concise guide provides a statistical framework to help you identify social processes hidden among the tons of data now available. Social network

Clojure Programming

Describes the fundamentals of Clojure, covering such topics as data structures, concurrency, macros, multimethods, JVM, REPL-oriented programming, and relational databases.

21st Century C

C Tips from the New School

Throw out your old ideas of C, and relearn a programming language that’s substantially outgrown its origins. With 21st Century C, you’ll discover up-to-date techniques that are absent from every other

Programming Pig

This guide is an ideal learning tool and reference for Apache Pig, the programming language that helps programmers describe and run large data projects on Hadoop. With Pig, they can analyze data witho

Using SQLite

Application developers, take note: databases aren't just for the IS group any more. You can build database-backed applications for the desktop, Web, embedded systems, or operating systems without link

Google Maps Hacks

Google Maps makes Web-based mapping fun, and opens up an incredible variety of opportunities for developers. This resource shows developers how to add their own functionality to Google Maps.

Node: Up and Running

Scalable Server-Side Code with JavaScript

"Node: Up and Running" shows users how Node scales up to support large numbers of simultaneous connections across multiple servers, and scales down to create one-off applications with minimal infrastr

Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino

Building Simple Devices to Collect Data about the Environment

Makers around the globe are building low-cost devices to monitor the environment, and with this hands-on guide, so can you. Through succinct tutorials, illustrations, and clear step-by-step instructio

Essential System Administration

Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Administration

Essential System Administration,3rd Edition is the definitive guide for Unix system administration, covering all the fundamental and essential tasks required to run such divergent Unix systems as AIX,

Elie Nadelman (1882-1946)

the late work

Programming PHP

This updated edition teaches everything you need to know to create effective web applications with the latest features in PHP 5.x. You’ll start with the big picture and then dive into language syntax,

Greasemonkey Hacks

Tips & Tools for Remixing the Web with Firefox

Greasemonkey Hacks is an invaluable compendium 100 ingenious hacks for power users who want to master Greasemonkey, the hot new Firefox extension that allows you to write scripts that alter the web pa