Air Pollution Control Equipment Calculations

Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control

The number-one environmental threat to public health, air pollution remains a pressing problem-made even more complicated by the massive quantity and diversity of air pollution sources. Biofiltration

Air Pollution Control

A Design Approach

A 25-year tradition of excellence is extended in the fourth edition of this highly regarded text. In clear, authoritative language, the authors discuss the philosophy and procedures for the design of

Air Pollution Control Law

Compliance and Enforcement

Air Pollution Control Law provides explanation of the legislative provisions, regulatory requirements, and court decisions that comprise the body of air pollution control law.

Methods Development for Assessing Air Pollution Control Benefits: Experiments in the economics of air pollution epidemiology

Air pollution control

some lessons learned in the United States

BUKU DIARSIP: Organization Theory The Structure and design of Organization

Sun Tzu: Perang dan Manajemen

Sun Tzu

War and Management : Application to Strategic Management and Thinking

Metode dan Teknik Penelitian Masyarakat

Beberapa teori sastra, metode kritik, dan penerapannya

Literary criticism on the Indonesian modern literature.

Metode Penulisan dan Penyajian Karya Ilmiah