Crisis Management Strategy

Competition and Change in Modern Enterprises

The Southern Strategy Revisited

Republican Top-down Advancement in the South

Stormwater Strategy

A Melbourne Water Strategy for Managing Rural and Urban Runoff : Draft for Consultation

Corporate Strategy and Business Planning

This text seeks to present and explain the concepts, techniques, frameworks and methodologies of strategic management in a concise, straightforward and way. It gives the reader all the essential infor

International Business Strategy

Provides a phase model of international business development, enabling a company's current and future strategic position and imperatives to be identified

National Conservation Strategy for Sustainable Development, (NCSSD)

Revised Proposal

Management, Organisation, and Employment Strategy

New Directions in Theory and Practice

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

The Difference and why it Matters

Even though everyone is talking about it, there is no concept in business today more muddled than 'strategy'. Richard Rumelt, described by McKinsey Quarterly as 'a giant in the field of strategy' and

Machine Learning for Real-time Strategy Computer Games

A commercial Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game requires an artificial intelligence component, simply called an "AI", capable of providing a human player with a challenging opponent. These AIs must simulat

Vocabulary Acquisition in Arabic as a Foreign Language: The Root and Pattern Strategy

For English speakers learning Arabic as a foreign language (L2), lexical acquisition is a major challenge. It is argued that to facilitate L2 Arabic lexical acquisition, teachers should explicitly tea

National Development Strategy (NDS)

vision 2022, key macro and sectoral strategies

Strategy Synthesis

Concise Version

De Wit & Meyera s distinctive, multi-perspective approach has helped thousands of students and professionals around the world develop into critical and creative strategic thinkers. By carefully guidin