Pengantar manajemen penjualan (sales management).

Pengantar manajemen syariat

Pengantar manajemen

Pengantar Manajemen

Keterbatasan literatur yang komprehensif dan simplikasi yang berlebihan terhadap istilah manajemen merupakan dua hal yang mendasari mengapa buku Pengantar Manajemen ini ditulis. Banyak orang dengan mu

Manajemen keuangan perusahaan lanjutan

The Lance Armstrong Performance Program

7 Weeks to the Perfect Ride

Behind Lance Armstrong's amazing success is a multifaceted plan of strengthening, bicycling, and nutrition so strong and so effective that it created a legend. Now, with The Lance Armstrong Performanc

High-performance Signal Processing Architectures for Digital Aperture Array Telescopes

An instrument with the ability to image neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) to cosmic redshift will allow the fundamental properties of the Universe to be more precisely determined; in particular the distrib

Investigation of Effect of Different Run-time Distributions on SmartNet Performance

This thesis investigates, using in-line simulation, the effect of non-deterministic runtime distributions on the performance of SmartNet's schedule execution using the Opportunistic Load Balancing (OL

The Performance Management Audit

Performance Management is an HR issue and responsibility for it lies with the HR department (even if it seems to be the job of individual line managers, team leaders or a business improvement initiati

Armstrong's Performance Management Toolkit

The e-reward 2014 survey of performance management found that the three major concerns of respondents - all about line managers - were: 1. The lack of line managers with the skills required to carry o

Teaching music through performance in choir

Stress-free Performance Appraisals

Turn Your Most Painful Management Duty Into a Powerful Motivational Tool

Annotation. Business guide to performance appraisals.