If Worms Had Machine Guns

Machine Tools and Their Hazards

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications

Architecture, Performance and Applications

Part one of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications covers machine-to-machine systems, architecture and components. Part two assesses performance management techniques for M2M communications. Part thr

Rage Against The Machine

Profiles the members of the political active and popular band, Rage Against the Machine, and their music.

Machine Design for Mobile and Industrial Applications

Machine Design for Mobile and Industrial Applications serves as a compendium of theoretical and practical information on selecting and designing machine components and assemblies.

The Shaping Machine

The Male Sexual Machine

An Owner's Manual

Everything men (and women) should know about male sexual equipment - what it does, how it works and how to keep it healthy.

The paper-making machine

its invention, evolution, and development

Machine design

EGDSecrets.com: Slot Machine Secrets, Information, and Knowledge

Design of Machine Elements

Warp Knit Machine Elements

All about Tricot-, Raschel- and Crochet Warp Knitting Machines as Well as Stitch Through Mali-machines