Kellogg On Strategy

Written for business executives and MBA students, Kellogg on Strategy is a practical guide to choosing the right strategy for your business and applying it correctly. Rather than covering the basics o

National solid waste management strategy for Zamba [sic]

Marketing Strategy

This text works through the various stages in formulating and implementing strategy, beginning with an analysis of the firm's current status, developing where the firm should be going, and concluding

Strategy in Practice

This work includes a look at how imaginative approaches to organizational structure can help a firm both gain and sustain advantages. It offers guidance as to how strategic change can be managed despi

National Ecotourism Strategy

A strategy to counteract South African propaganda and censorship

The Management of Strategy


Thoroughly examine strategic management concepts using the market-leading text that sets the standard for the most intellectually rich, yet thoroughly practical, analysis of strategic management issue

Import Substitution as an Industrial Strategy

The Tanzania Case

Product Management

The aim of this book is to combine two managerial viewpoints. It blends product marketing with retail management, exploring an often hidden and overlooked part of the retail strategy so that the needs

Strategy and Action Plan for the Conservation of Rhinos in Indonesia

Rhino Century Program

Salesmanship: Concepts, Management, and Strategy

The Art of Strategy

A New Translation of Sun Tzu's Classic, The Art of War

Tells how to analyze a situation, plan actions, obtain an advantage, make use of information, and gain a favorable position