Civic and voter education strategy

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health implementation strategy

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy

The difference and why it matters

Even though everyone is talking about it, there is no concept in business today more muddled than 'strategy'. Richard Rumelt, described by McKinsey Quarterly as 'a giant in the field of strategy' and

Maintenance Strategy

Devising optimal strategy for maintaining industrial plant can be a difficult task of daunting complexity. This book aims to provide the plant engineer with a comprehensive and systematic approach, a

Teaching Advanced Handball Techniques and Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The essential marketing text for business students and professionals--updated and revised to accommodate rapid changes in the business world. First issued in 1991, Steven Schnaars's text combines a ce

The Empirical Study of Short Term Momentum and Contrarian Strategy in China

Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

The Official Strategy Guide

Would you sell your soul for Ultimate Power? (Or would you just buy the guide?) On your 18th birthday, you were given a magic sword... and the raging demon trapped inside of it. Use his power wisely a

A national strategy for quality

a consultative document

Building a comprehensive peace strategy for northern Uganda

A strategy for ending northern Uganda's crisis

Strategy Implementation: Readings

The articles in this compilation highlight the importance of strategy implementation and control in creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.