Teaching Drama 11-18

This work illustrates, describes and evaluates different approaches to teaching drama in the secondary school. It reflects upon specific areas of learning in drama and provides examples of good teachi

Ian McEwan

Contemporary Critical Perspectives

Ian McEwan is one of the most significant, and controversial, British novelists working in the contemporary period. Although primarily a novelist, he has also written short stories, television plays,

1 & 2 Thessalonians

Siddhartha, Demian, and Other Writings: Hermann Hesse

This volume offers a substantial portion of Hesse's copious writings and is representative of his fundamental themes and interests. Includes Siddhartha, Hesse's most celebrated work, which reflects hi


London County Council, 1889-1965

Denys the Areopagite

Andrew Louth examines all the traditions on which Denys' work draws: the Fourth Century Greek theologians, pagan philosophy and Syrian Christian thought. The corpus of Denys the Areopagite appeared in

Friendship: Interpreting Christian Love

The love of friendship has, at the least, established its place as a necessary model of love in Christian tradition. This study shows the deep roots it has in Christian thought, among both ancient and

Hyperion and Selected Poems: Friedrich Hölderlin

Unexpected Way

On Converting from Buddhism to Catholicism

The story of one man's unexpected pilgrimage from Buddhism to Catholicism.There are Christians who, in mid-life decide to abandon their Christian faith and become Buddhists. Paul Williams did the oppo

Fantastic Spiritualities

Monsters, Heroes and the Contemporary Religious Imagination


Successful Change Management

The Fifty Key Facts

There is no shortage of academic theory on change management, but sound and comprehensive advice from someone who "walks the talk" is hard to come by. This book provides just that. Here Gwen Ventris e

Marking and Assessment

Teachers are always complaining about the levels of marking and assessment that takes up a tremendous amount of their time. This practical handbook provides an overview of the major issues and offers