Daktar Fazl-i Imam : ek mutala'ah

Remembrance of a martyr, Imam Abdulla Haron

Imam Shamil

The First Muslim Guerilla Leader

Imam Khomeini: Life, Thought and Legacy

The Twelfth Imam

The Awaited Imam Mahdi: A Collection of Traditions

The Fall of the Imam

Written by Egypt's leading feminist writer, this book reveals the underlying hypocrisy of a male-dominated religious state, and raises awareness of the insufferable predicament of women in a society.

'Abd Allah Ibn al-Mubarak : al-Imam al-qudwah

Biografi imam-imam empat mazhab

Hanafi, Maliki, Syafe'i dan Hambali

Farman Mubarak of Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al Hussayni Hazar Imam

Bombay, 1973, Nairobi, 1976, Pakistan, 1976

Imam-Hatip Schools and the Islamic Movement in Turkey

The Role of Religious Education in Turkish Politics and Society

Imam & the Indian, The (PB)

The Imam and the Indian is an extensive compilation of Amitav Ghosh s non-fiction writings. Sporadically published between his novels, in magazines, journals, academic books and periodicals, these ess