The Imam and the Indian

Prose Pieces

Here, For The First Time Is As Complete A Collection As Can Be Made Of The Prose Which Reveals That Relatively Unknown Amitav Ghosh: The Novelist As Thinker, The Man Of Ideas As A Writer Of Luminous,

Tazkirah yi Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf i Sani

Fatawa al-Imam al-Nawawi

Fatwās; Islamic law; Shafiites; early works to 1800.

al-Imam al-mu'ayyad billah Muhammad Ibn Qasim fi al-Yaman, 900 H-1054 H.

Imam Husain (A. S.) as His Words Portray

In Commemoration of 1400th Year of the Birthday of Imam Husain (A. S.)

Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb

The Fourth Caliph

Selections from Qazi Noaman's Kitab-ul-Himma Fi Adabi Ataba-el-a'emma; Or, Code of Conduct for the Followers of Imam

An Imam in Paris

account of a stay in France by an Egyptian cleric (1826-1831)

This is an annotated translation of al-Tahtawi’s Takhlis al-Ibriz fi Talkhis Bariz, the first translation of an in-depth Arabic account of a visit to Western Europe by a Muslim from the Near East. In

His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam of the Ismailis

K.H. Imam Zarkasyi dari Gontor: K.H. Imam Zarkasyi dari Gontor

Imam Hussein, leader of the martyrs

Husn al-taqadi fi sirat al-Imam Abi Yusuf al-Qadi