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Islamic Dynasties of the Arab East

State and Civilization During the Later Medieval Times

This volume contains indepth, comprehensive studies on five such islamic dynasties of great historical importance, namely the Fatimids, the Ayyubids, the Mamluks, the Rasulids and the Zaydis. It is ho

Superstition as Ideology in Iranian Politics

From Majlesi to Ahmadinejad

A superstitious reading of the world based on religion may be harmless at a private level, yet employed as a political tool it can have more sinister implications. As this fascinating book by Ali Rahn

Information Sources on Islamic Banking and Economics


Islamic banking and economics (IBE) is a fast-growing subject of vital interest in both East and West as Muslims change their attitudes towards investments and find ways to invest their funds accordin

Contemporary Iran

Economy, Society, Politics

Iran's geographical location, its oil, its nuclear program, its volatile political landscape, its espousal of militant Islam, all combine to make it a key player in some of the most crucial issues of

Ifta' and Fatwa in the Muslim World and the West

During the formative classical period of Islamic jurisprudence, wellknown scholars possessed not only the intellectual skills required for analytic reasoning, but also a broad general knowledge of the