A Strategic Perspective on the Future of Golf

Strategic planning

models and analytical techniques : [articles

Describes the use of models and analytical techniques in support of the strategic planning process. A model of the planning process itself is presented and used to identify elements essential to an ef

FAA Strategic Plan

Asia-Pacific's Strategic Outlook

The Shifting of Paradigms

The Strategic Constitution

Making, amending, and interpreting constitutions is a political game that can yield widespread suffering or secure a nation's liberty and prosperity. Given these high stakes, Robert Cooter argues that

Strategic Management

Analytical Introduction

Patent Strategic Plan

A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication, second edition

A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication incorporates useful and specific strategies for writers, to enable them to create aesthetically appealing and usable technical documentation. These strateg


Making Decisions for Strategic Advantage

This systematically organized and accessible text gives an in-depth analysis of the multidimensional aspects of strategic marketing. It is a harmonious blend of theoretical aspects and real-world appl

Strategic Human Resource Management

Designed around current human resourse management courses, this text recognises as central to overall corporate strategy the evolution that is taking place from conventional personnel management to st

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Awareness and Change