Any gardener who wants a place to retreat or to entertain will welcome Andi Clevely's ideas for lighting, furniture, heating and eating-for turning a patio into a lasting asset for the garden. Describ

Muslim Cleavage

Love in Pakistan strikes as quickly as a stolen glance, a spark that ignites forbidden flames of desire, yet lovers face harsh consequences if caught. MUSLIM CLEAVAGE is an inspiring tale about hope.

Are You An Ostrich?

A Diary of the 2014/15 Premier League

Are you an ostrich? Yes? Then get out. Because this book is for humans only. This is a diary written purely for humans recording the absurdity of the Premier League in 2014/15.

Bad Blood

A quiet night with Angel - in the graveyard, of course - turns nasty when Buffy discovers that someone or something has been snacking on the corpses. Giles suspects that a family of ghouls has arrived

The Farm

Life Inside a Women's Prison

Written by a journalist, this book depicts the day-to-day struggles and concerns of inmates a the Connecticut Correctional Institution in Niantic (renamed the Janet S. York correctional Institution),

A Crash Course in Financing

Understand and Control Your Finances, Maximize Your Profits, and Create True Wealth in Your Business

A Crash Course In Finance takes the mystery and pain out of financing a business. The authors teach the know-how required in order to communicate effectively with banks, venture capitalists and other

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The Sacred Art of Bowing

Preparing to Practice

This informative and inspiring introduction to bowing--with related spiritual practices--shows Western spiritual seekers how to do it, why, and what spiritual benefits bowing has to offer. The book in

Feminism and Pop Culture

Seal Studies

Examines the reciprocal relationship shared between feminism and popular culture from the 1940s to the twenty-first century; and discusses representations of women on television and in films, music, a

Electronic Marketing Plan for the International Office, SCU

The Internet has changed the way the world disseminates information since the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1995. It became a global medium for the distribution and exchange of informati

The Bookseller's Sonnets

A mysterious package from an anonymous artifact donor arrives on the desk of Jill Levin, the senior curator at a Holocaust museum: a secret diary, written by the eldest daughter of St. Thomas More, le

An Introduction to the Entertainment Industry

Whether it's a favorite television show, an artist at the top of the music charts, a best-selling book, or a hometown sports team, we love entertainment. It's big business and in this accessible intro