A FORTRAN Program for Modeling Steady Laminar One-dimensional Premixed Flames

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Programmer's Guide ; Version 4.0 ; Development System for Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation

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Digital Spectral Analysis with Applications in C, FORTRAN, and MATLAB

Compatible Fortran

Modern Fortran Explained

A clear and thorough description of the latest versions of Fortran by leading experts in the field. It is intended for new and existing users of the language, and for all those involved in scientific


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A Fortran computer program for transcribing Franconian rhythm

Fortran Programs for the Design of Liquid-to-liquid Jet Pumps

Check Values, Zeros and Fortran Programs for the Riemann Zeta Function and Its First Three Derivatives

CAS2D: FORTRAN Program for Nonrotating Blade-to-blade, Steady, Potential Transonic Cascade Flows