Christianity and Pancasila Partners of Dialogue for Building a More Human Society in Indonesia

Some Thoughts about Pancasila

Its Basic Theory and Practice. Excerpt from the State Address of the President Before the Parliament on August 16, 1978

Pancasila Heading Toward the 21st Century for the Enhancement of Religious Harmony

The process & progress of pancasila democracy

Indonesia's experiences in conducting general elections within the framework of implementing pancasila democracy


The Philosophy of Life of the Indonesian People and the State Principle of the Republic of Indonesia

The Development of Scales for Assessing the Outcomes of Pancasila Education in Indonesia

Pancasila to Challenge Globalization

Manual on the Implementation of Pancasila Industrial Relations

Conclusions of the Seminar on the Pancasila Labour Relation

Pancasila and Islam

Thoughts on the Evolution of a Historical Compromise

Kumpulan peraturan organisasi tentang musyawarah-musyawarah organisasi Pemuda Pancasila, tata kerja Majelis Pimpinan Pemuda Pancasila, lembaga-lembaga organisasi sosial kemasyarakatan Pemuda Pancasila, kartu tanda anggota Pemuda Pancasila

The View Of Man In The Philosophy Of Pancasila

An Attempt At A New Understanding

Pancasila is the name of the five guiding principles of the State of the Republic of Indonesia. It is the basic philosophy that has become the mainstay of the Indonesian democratic life. As the philos