Ecology and Management of the Bullfrog

Landscape ecology

directions and approaches

Fern Ecology

Ferns are an integral part of the world's flora, appreciated for their beauty as ornamentals, problematic as invaders and endangered by human interference. They often dominate forest understories but

Ecology and Flora of Qatar

Boreal ecology

Viral Ecology

Viral Ecology defines and explains the ecology of viruses by examining their interactions with their hosting species, including the types of transmission cycles that have evolved, encompassing princip

Instant Notes in Ecology

Designed primarily for review the "Instant Notes" series gives the reader easy access to key facts in an easy to use format. Profusely illustrated, each section of the book begins with a set of key to

Ecology, Food & Civilisation

Resource Ecology of the Himalayan Waters

A Study of the Ecology, Biology and Management Strategy of Fresh Waters of Nepal

Essentially a reference book on the freshwater fishes of Nepal but also covers the ecology of the waters, capture fisheries, aquaculture, other aquatic wildlife (amphibia, chelonia &c), and the impact

Ecology and Farming of Milkfish

Ecology of San Francisco: an Examination of Burgess' and Hoyt's Theories

Ecology of Everyday Life

Rethinking the Desire for Nature

Examines the ecological impulse as a"desire for nature."