Digital Imaging

A Primer for Radiographers, Radiologists and Health Care Professionals

The first book to help the modern radiographer and radiologist to understand how digital imaging, manipulation and storage systems work.

Digital Imaging for Photographers

This authoritative, best-selling guide provides both professional and amateur photographers worldwide with a comprehensive introduction to the technologies and techniques of digital imaging. Features:

Fractal Geometry in Digital Imaging

This book presents the analysis of textured images using fractal geometry, and discusses its application to imaging science and computer vision when modeling natural objects. The authors explore the m

Digital Imaging

A truly inspirational text, teaching you all the essential skills and encouraging visual self-expression leading to the ultimate creation of stunning digital photography. Australian authors' Galer and

Digital Imaging

A Practical Approach

Digital Imaging is the essential guide to understanding digitization and managing a digitizing project. Koelling covers everything from deciding if digitizing is for you to planning and management, ch

Digital Imaging Now Driving Book Business

An article published in 2000 about how digital imaging technology enables e-book and print on demand publishing with some updates added in 2004.

Sosiologi Hukum & Gender

Interaksi Perempuan Dalam Dinamika Norma Dan Sosio-Ekonomi

Sociology of law and feminist jurisprudence in Indonesia and other countries.

Implementasi prinsip transparansi dalam praktik penanaman modal di Indonesia

Implementation of transparency principles on capital investment in Indonesia.

Perekonomian Indonesia

deskripsi, preskripsi, dan kebijakan

Strategi sukses berhubungan dengan pers dan aspek-aspek hukumnya

Kemitraan Umkm

Teori Dan Aplikasi Bumn-Bank

Development of small and medium-sized business in Indonesia.

Paradigma baru pengelolaan keuangan daerah dalam penyusunan APBD di era otonomi

New paradigm for managing local finance in Indonesia during autonomy era.