Techniques for optimizing a quadrupole GC/MS/computer system

Notes on the logic of the ERA 1103 computer system

Algorithm Design for Computer System Design

Analyzing Computer System Performance with Perl::PDQ

To solve performance problems in modern computing infrastructures, often comprising thousands of servers running hundreds of applications, spanning multiple tiers, you need tools that go beyond mere r

Your Computer System

"What You Need to Know About Your Computer System: IT Management for Small Business and Professional Offices" is a non-technical guide for business owners and office managers which tells precisely wha

Computer System Organization

The B5700/B6700 Series

Computer System Organization: The B5700/B6700 Series focuses on the organization of the B5700/B6700 Series developed by Burroughs Corp. More specifically, it examines how computer systems can (or shou

Safety of Computer Control Systems 1986 (Safecomp '86) Trends in Safe Real Time Computer Systems

Proceedings of the Fifth IFAC Workshop, Sarlat, France, 14-17 October 1986

The proceedings of the fifth workshop in this subject continue the trend set by the previous four and discusses some of the current problems involved in the design and production of safe real-time com

Computer System Security: Basic Concepts and Solved Exercises

Computer System Security: Basic Concepts and Solved Exercises is designed to expose students and others to the basic aspects of computer security. Written by leading experts and instructors, it covers

Trusted Network Interpretation of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

Describes the security requirements that may be imposed on the DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria for trusted computer communications network systems.

Modeling Restricted Processor Sharing in a Computer System with Non-exponential Service Times

A computer system often has to handle computational jobs with highly varying CPU service time requirements. In principle, unrestricted processor sharing can be useful in handling such demands. In prac

Trusted Database Management System Interpretation of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

Provides a standard to manufacturers for security features to build into their new and planned commercial products in order to provide widely available systems that satisfy trust requirements for sens

Resilient Computer System Design

This book presents a paradigm for designing new generation resilient and evolving computer systems, including their key concepts, elements of supportive theory, methods of analysis and synthesis of IC