Digital Media and Technological Determinism

Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense

It's nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper or read your favorite online news source these days without seeing yet another article about identity theft or credit card numbers being stolen from unpro

Hacking the Code

Auditor's Guide to Writing Secure Code for the Web

Hacker Code will have over 400 pages of dedicated exploit, vulnerability, and tool code with corresponding instruction. Unlike other security and programming books that dedicate hundreds of pages to a

Ethical Hacking and Computer Securities For Beginners

This book is written based on practical usage and research on computer security and networks. Basically everyone has strong concern about computer security networks where by it can sabotage the busine

Hacking Photoshop CS2

This is absolutely the ultimate guide to hacking Adobe’s wildly popular graphics software, written by an Adobe Certified professional photographer and designer. This is serious, down and dirty, tweaki

Hacking Video Game Consoles

Turn Your Old Video Game Systems Into Awesome New Portables

With minimal experience and basic tools, convert four popular videogame consoles--the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sony Playstation 1, and the Atari 2600

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Threats and Defense Mechanisms

The EC-Council | Press Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Series is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in offensive network security, ethical hacking, and network defense and cou

Everything You Need to Know about the Dangers of Computer Hacking

Explains what computer hacking is, who does it, and how dangerous it can be.

News International and Phone-Hacking

Eleventh Report of Session 2010-12, Vol. 1: Report, Together with Formal Minutes

This report concentrates on the issue of whether witnesses have previously misled a select committee of the House of Commons over the extent and knowledge of phone-hacking. The Committee concludes tha

InfoSec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul

“InfoSec Career Hacking starts out by describing the many, different InfoSec careers available including Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Auditor, Security Administrator, Progr

Hacking the Valley

An Overview of the Tech Sector, 2014 Edition

Hacking the Valley by Andrew Medal highlights the major trends, prominent people and most disruptive companies from the tech sector during April 2011-2013. Reading the book will give you an in-depth,

Hacking the Kinect

Hacking the Kinect is the technogeek’s guide to developing software and creating projects involving the groundbreaking volumetric sensor known as the Microsoft Kinect. Microsoft’s release of the Kinec