Burning Tanks and an Empty Desert

Based on the Unpublished Journal of Major John Sylvanus MacGill, MB, ChB, MD, Royal Army Medical Corps

The Successes and Sacrifices of the British Army in 1914 This work is a study of military history from the top down and also from the bottom up. It describes a brigade—four thousand men—of the old Bri

Silent River, Empty Night

Diary of a Pediatrician in Iran

There was a full moon and high tide, a sea of glittering little waves strutting towards the Gulf, only to be swallowed by bigger waves. A shaky silver reflection of the moon brightened the dark river,

The Empty Place

An English backpacker is on trial for murder in Australia . The tabloids say she killed her lover and fed his body to crocodiles.She refuses to say what happened. She is trapped inside her mind in a p

The Empty Chair

Annie McMuffit must infuse her new business, Annie’s Attic, with a large amount of hard cash or abandon her long-time desire to own an antique shop. Joe Carter offers Annie a money-spinning job evalua

Empty Sleeves

Amputation in the Civil War South

"This will be the first book about the Civil War to examine the meaning of amputation, and of amputees, in the U.S. South. Brian Craig Miller provides medical history of the procedure, looks at men wh

Empty diaries

Poetry. ...a glorious and energetic flow of cut-up shifting perspectives. Thoroughly different, thoroughly enjoyable--Bypass. EMPTY DIARIES is an important part of Sheppard's long project TWENTIETH CE

Running on Empty

One young woman's account of her descent into and ultimate struggle out of anorexia. This is an unflinching look into Carrie Arnold's descent into a severe eating disorder; she writes objectively abou

Kim: Empty Inside

The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager

I am so scared. I feel like I'm silently screaming for help and no one pays any attention of tries to hear me. I can't control anything anymore. It's all out to get me! When Kim can't handle things, s

TiShunda' Diary of an Empty Heart

And The Search to Fill it.

TiShunda gets married at age 16, moves to the big city with bright lights and crowded night clubs. This begins her life of physical abuse by the men who claimed to love her. She soon discovers God has

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