Linux and Windows Interoperability Guide

Managing mixed Linux/Windows environments real-world configuration, programming, and administration, this title covers a wide range of interoperability issues: Internet/intranet, TCP/IP, dial-up acces

A Practical Guide to Linux

"This new book by best-selling UNIX author Mark Sobell combines the strengths of a tutorial and those of a reference to give you the knowledge and skills to master Linux. Uniquely designed for both be

Linux Phrasebook

Presents more than one hundred Linux code and command phrases.

Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD

This comprehensive manual covers three areas in which system administrators must be proficient to successfully recover data: the structure and operating principles of the most popular file systems, au

Linux Shells by Example

CD-ROM contains: all source code and datafiles from the book.

DB2 SQL Procedural Language for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

This certification guide offers a complete, start-to-finish coverage of DB2 Universal Database Version 8 administration. With Version 8 key topics such as Performance Enhancements, Manageability Enhan

Live Linux CDs

Building and Customizing Bootables

Provides information on creating live Linux CDs for gaming, security, presentations, multimedia, firewalls, and clustering.

Linux and the Unix Philosophy

Exploring the "way of thinking that is Unix" this guide explains why Linux is a superior implementation of this highly capable operating system. Every chapter in the book has been updated for the fast

C for Linux 2


The Linux Programmer's Toolbox

Master the Linux Tools That Will Make You a More Productive, Effective Programmer The Linux Programmer's Toolbox helps you tap into the vast collection of open source tools available for GNU/Linux. Au

Guide to Linux Installation and Administration

'Guide to Linux Installation and Administration' is a hands-on, practical guide that can be used to master Linux installation and administration. The book begins by discussing the history and culture

Fedora 13 Security-Enhanced Linux User Guide

The Fedora 13 SELinux user guide is for people with minimal or no experience with SELinux. ... This guide provides an introduction to fundamental concepts and practical applications of SELinux. After