Adam Smith Goes to Moscow

A Dialogue on Radical Reform

Adam Smith Goes to Moscow is a captivating dialogue between the head of a hypothetical, formerly socialist East European country and a fervently market-minded American adviser. Their spirited give-and

Manajemen Pengembangan Diri

Manajemen Pemasaran

BUKU DIARSIP : Manajemen Keuangan

Financial Management Handbook

Pengantar Manajemen Penjualan

BUKU DIARSIP: Dasar-dasar Akunting

Pendidikan Karakter Teori & Aplikasi

Managing Human Resource Decisions

Modern Database Management

Modern Database Management

Reacting to the business environment, this work addresses issues such as Internet, data warehousing and object-orientation. The text instructs from a business perspective, allowing students to underst

Macro Economics