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Introdução ao Pentest

Introdução ao Pentest tem o intuito de capacitar o leitor a entender e a realizar o pentest – uma auditoria minuciosa sobre falhas e vulnerabilidades em computadores e redes – e, assim, buscar a melho

Pentest em redes sem fio

Pentest em redes sem fio tem o intuito de capacitar o leitor a entender e realizar o pentest em redes sem fio. Como complemento da obra Introdução ao pentest, do mesmo autor, este livro é focado exclu

The Church of Pentest

IP Networking

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Networking

Finally, there is a guide to home networking that was written for true beginners! The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Networking goes far beyond traditional printer or Internet sharing and is geared

Friends with Benefits, Networking in a New Economy

Four years after his first book 'A Girlfriend in Every City', Geert is back with more stories, examples, quotes and glimpses into his life as a proactive networker. This time his focus is on the chang

Introduction To Data Communication And Networking

Is Social Networking Beneficial to Society?

Describes the impact of social networking on society, examining privacy concerns as well as how it is changing the nature of personal relationships and influencing education and work.

The Networking Guru

Traits of Champion Networkers

James Barber is married to Brenda and they have 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 3 grandchildren. They currently own Training of Champions and ICN Publications. James is a coach, trainer, motivational s