Introduction to Networking


Networking means to create nets of relations, where the publisher and the reader, the artist and the audience, act on the same level. The book is a first tentative reconstruction of the history of art

An Introduction to Computer Networking

CD-ROM contains: Example programs and files -- Demonstration version of LanExplorer.

Comdex Hardware And Networking Course Kit

Comdex Hardware and Networking book is designed for those aspiring students who want to build their future in computer hardware. The book covers each and every detail of computer hardware starting fro

Networking Across Boundaries

New Directions in Community-based Job Training and Economic Development

Foundations of Modern Networking

SDN, NFV, QoE, IoT, and Cloud

Foundations of Modern Networking is a comprehensive, unified survey of modern networking technology and applications for today’s professionals, managers, and students. Dr. William Stallings offers cle

Introduction to Networking Lab Manual

Introduction to Networks is the first course of the updated CCNA v5 curriculum offered by the Cisco Networking Academy. * *This course is intended for students who are beginners in networking and purs

Social Networking

This volume contains reprints of articles, excerpts from books, transcripts from speeches, and studies of social trends in the United States and other countries. These sources provide background infor

An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking

ATM Networks, the Internet, and the Telephone Network

Taking a unique "engineering" approach that will help readers gain a grasp of not just how but also why networks work the way they do, this book includes the very latest network technology--including

Gender and development seminar, Tanzania Gender Networking Programme

Are Social Networking Sites Harmful?

Provides essays with varying opinions on social networking sites, discussing their effects on social skills, connection with bullying, and potential use by stalkers and sexual predators.

Networking for Systems Administrators

Stop waiting for the network team! If basic TCP/IP was hard, network administrators couldn't do it. Servers give sysadmins a incredible visibility into the network-once they know how to unlock it. Mos