Object-oriented Design with Ada

Maximizing Reusability for Real-time Systems

Dr. Kjell Nielsen's book illustrates how an object-oriented development approach will create superior software systems that are highly modular in design yet will provide a high degree of durability an

What Every Programmer Should Know about Object-oriented Design

Introduction: What does it mean to be object-oriented, anyway? Object-orientation - Who ordered that? Object-oriented design notation. The basic notation for classes em methods. Inheritance and aggreg

Object-Oriented Design for C++

Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented programming, describes design methods, and covers data abstraction, inheritance, dymanmic binding, pointers, buffers, and extension of the

An Introduction to Object-oriented Design in C++

Which comes first, learning object-oriented design or programming in C++? The authors present an object-oriented approach at the outset as the best way to learn introductory programming concepts. C++

Object-oriented Design in Java

A tutorial in the MITCHELL WAITE SIGNATURE SERIES, aimed at beginner to intermediate Java programmers. The book uses a hands-on approach, with examples, showing the analysis, design and implementation

Object-oriented design

An introduction to programming and object-oriented design using JAVA

This text is an introduction to software design and construction using the programming language Java. The approach is entirely object-oriented, sometimes called " object first." The emphasis throughou

Hierarchical Object Oriented Design

Explains the basic design process for the HOOD method, and covers finding objects, HOOD diagrams, object description skeletons, class and instance objects, real-time design, source code generation, di

Design Readiness: An Exploratory Model of Object-oriented Design Performance

Path analysis was conducted to determine which individual differences were related to design readiness and OOD performance.

Object-oriented Design Heuristics

Wouldn't you like to have a seasoned OO design expert looking over your shoulder, critiquing your work, and giving advice on how to improve it? Here are 60 language-independent guidelines for evaluati

A Practical Introduction to Object-Oriented Design with C++

Learn the tools and techniques needed to design and implement moderate-sized software systems! Do you want to gain the necessary skills to effectively write moderate-sized (10,000 to 50,000 line) prog

Object Oriented Design

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