The information society

Advanced Information and Communication Technology

The chapters of the student text directly match the award units, and contain all the content for the full award.

Information on volcanic and earthquake hazards

the impact on awareness and preparation

Advanced Topics in Information Technology Standards and Standardization Research

Cryptography and Information Security

This well-organized text presents the principles, techniques, design, and implementation of cryptography and information security algorithms, with a perfect balance in the presentation of theoretical

Principles of Information Systems Management

The development of new technologies and information systems means that all managers need to be aware of the potential these hold for their business. John Ward leads the readers through the processes f

Management information systems

the manager's view

MIS courses are offered in schools of business either at the undergraduate level in the junior/senior year, or at the MBA level.

Information sources in information technology

Evaluates essential sources in information technology, including books, journals, microforms, online databases, CD-ROMs, & viewdata.

Information Resources Management

Global Challenges

"This book addresses challenges in managing information resources in dynamic social environments across cultures, including research on key factors for social acceptance of information technology, and

Background Information on Bananas ....

Information and Communication Technology Inside the Black Box

Assessment for Learning in the ICT Classroom

Information Systems for You

Information Systems for you is a world leading text with a deserved reputation for underpinning knowledge written in an extremely clear and accessible fashion. Recommended by exam boards, it has been