Irreverent Dictionary of Information Politics

AIP: Aeronautical information publication, India

Information and Organizations

The Manager as Anthropologist

Essential Skills in Information and Library Work

Lectures on Systems, Control, and Information

Lectures at the Morningside Center of Mathematics

This volume presents lectures delivered at a workshop held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Bejing). The following articles are included: "Nonlinear Systems Control" by R. Brockett, "Adaptive Contr

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Information and Information Stability of Random Variables and Processes

Information Technology Project Management, Reprint

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Fifth Edition weaves theory and practice together, presenting a comprehensive, integrated view of the many concepts, skills, tools, and techniques involved i

CXC Information Technology

Management Information Systems

A Managerial Perspective

NATIS, National Information Systems

Objectives for National and International Action

Information and Software Technology

The student book provides a clear project development focus in line with the spirit of the syllabus. It presents a precise coverage of the Core topics to provide a ready reference as the Options are s