Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials

Concepts and Methodologies

Integrated Computational Strategies for the Analysis, Design and Synthesis of Chemical and Biological Systems

Continuous efforts of application and development of computational strategies in various research fields, e.g. fuel cell, pressure swing distillation (PSD), hydrogen production from energy resources o

Analysis, Design and Implementation of Secure and Interoperable Distributed Health Information Systems

This book is an introduction into methodology and practice of analysis, design and implementation of distributed health information systems. Special attention is dedicated to security and interoperabi

Computer Aided Analysis and Design

The book has all the details required for the complete coverage of either undergraduate level or graduate level course on Computer Aided Design for mechanical engineers, design engineers and civil and

Pattern-oriented Analysis and Design

Composing Patterns to Design Software Systems

- Exploit the significant power of design patterns and make better design decisions with the proven POAD methodology - Improve software quality and reliability while reducing costs and maintenance eff

Analysis as a Basis for Design

The Monona Link

Requirements Analysis and System Design

The development of an information system comprises three iterative and incremental phases: analysis, design and implementation. This book describes the methods and techniques used in the analysis and

Analysis, Design and Construction of Steel Space Frames

Space frames provide a lightweight solution to the problem of creating large span enclosures free from obstructions. They are employed in many major constrcution projects across the world, as document

Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiments, and Survey Sampling

"Describes recent developments and surveys important topics in the areas of multivariate analysis, design of experiments, and survey sampling. Features the work of nearly 50 international leaders."

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1992

Selected Papers from the Fifth IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium, The Hague, Netherlands, 9 - 11 June 1992

Containing 4 plenary papers and 38 technical papers, this volume contributes to the literature on the important subject of man-machine systems. The many topics discussed include human performance skil

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1995

The series of IFAC Symposia on Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems provides the ideal forum for leading researchers and practitioners who work in the field to discuss and evaluate t

Methodologies for the Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Laparoscopic Surgical Simulators

The problem addressed in this PhD thesis is how to offer an effective and efficient VR means of training in laparoscopic surgery. The question is to determine what makes it a useful didactic tool. Thi