Analysis, Design and Construction of Braced Barrel Vaults

This collection of 24 articles covers a range of topics in the analysis, design and construction of braced barrel vaults.

Reflectarray Antennas: Analysis, Design, Fabrication, and Measurement

Reflectarray antennas refer to the class of radiating structures that are comprised of an array of radiating elements, re-radiating the energy that is impinged on them from one or more radiating feeds

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man – Machine Systems

Proceedings of the IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Conference, Baden-Baden, Federal Republic of Germany, 27-29 September 1982

Analysis, Design, & Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems presents an examination of the construction and application of a combined network and production systems model. It discusses the computer simulati

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1989

Selected Papers from the Fourth IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Conference, Xi'an, PRC, 12-14 September 1989

The twenty-seven papers cover recent advances in both empirical and theoretical aspects of man-machine interaction with special emphasis on the subjects of man-automation and man-computer interaction.

A Software Tool for the Analysis, Design and Monitoring of Cable-stayed Bridges

Unified Modeling Language: Systems Analysis, Design and Development Issues

Systems Analysis, Design and Development Issues

UML is a large and complex language, with many features in need of refinement or clarification, and there are different views about how to use UML to build systems. This book sheds light on such issue

System Analysis, Design, and Development

Concepts, Principles, and Practices

Written in a practical, easy to understand style, this text provides a step-by-step guide to System Analysis and Engineering by introducing concepts, principles, and practices via a progression of top

Systems Analysis and Design

The 4th edition of Systems Analysis and Design continues to offer a hands-on approach to SA&D while focusing on the core set of skills that all analysts must possess. Building on their experience as p

Business systems analysis and design

Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis for Multidisciplinary Systems Design

The major findings of this research are as follows. (1) Sensitivity analysis method is an effective tool for reducing the impact of epistemic uncertainty. (2) The proposed new reliability sensitivity

Analysis, Design, and Construction of Braced Domes

Sistem Pengendalian Manajemen

Managment Contrrol Systems