Sex differences in performance on the mathematics section of the Scholastic aptitude test

a bidirectional validity study

Sex and Culture

Androgyny, Sex-typing, and Nurturance Toward a Baby

Sex Positions

Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips

A frank and sophisticated book for smart women who, whether ready to hit the town, casually dating, or in a long term relationship, wants to keep their sex lives sizzling forever.

Sex Drive

Fantasies in Flesh and Steel

Vrrrroooommm! Ever since the first automobile hit the highway, America has had a passionate love affair with these supercharged speedsters. From hot rods to cool convertibles, from little deuce coupes

The Crazy World of Sex

A study of the effects of environmental and genetic factors on sex expression in cucumber, Cucumis sativus L.


A social, cultural, and medical history of transsexuality in the United States discusses early twentieth-century sex experiments, the first sex-change operation, the issues of medical ethics and human

The Astrology of Great Sex

Discover Your Lover's-And Your Own-Deepest Desired

In this provocative and eye-opening book, award–winning radio talk show host and astrologer Myrna Lamb reveals--sign by sign--which partnerships truly complement each other and which ones are likely t

52 Weeks of Passionate Sex

You've seen the ads in many popular magazines and newspapers: Great Lovers are Made, not Born(TM). Here's an easy and thoroughly enjoyable way for couples to transform themselves -- and each other --

Bride's Guide to Sex and Marriage

500+ Questions Kids Have about Sex

This is a valuable resource for all the family and will help both children and parents begin talking about a subject that can sometimes be tricky. We’ve supplied the information so you can enjoy those