Conceptual Design: A Critical Element of a Successful Government Financial Management Information System Project

This technical note describes need of conceptual design as a critical element of a government financial management information system project. Governments are increasingly turning to computerized fina

Designing Complex Web Information Systems: Integrating Evolutionary Process Engineering

Integrating Evolutionary Process Engineering

Provides a complete view of the architectures, problems, and solutions linked to the design and development of modern web information systems.

Office information systems: the design process

proceedings of the IFIP WG 8.4 Working Conference on Office Information Systems--the Design Process, Linz, Austria, 15-17 August 1988

Information System Implementation

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Utilization

Customer response and information systems

design and implementation

The Analysis and Design of Computer-based Information Systems

Information system, work and organization design

proceedings of the IFIP TC9/WG9.1 Working Conference on Information System, Work and Organization Design, Berlin, GDR, 10-13 July, 1989

This book contains 28 research papers selected from the 140 papers presented at the Berlin conference in July 1989. They focus principally on the relationship between the design of information systems

The development of expertise in information systems design

Yhteenveto: Asiantuntijuuden kehittyminen tietojärjestelmien suunnittelussa.

Design Research in Information Systems

Theory and Practice

It is 5 years since the publication of the seminal paper on “Design Science in Information Systems Research” by Hevner, March, Park, and Ram in MIS Quarterly and the initiation of the Information Tech

Health Information Systems

Design Issues and Analytic Applications

Mixing medical records with computer technology makes good medicine. This book provides practical guidance on using information systems effectively to answer questions of concern to those responsible

Principles of Information-processing System Design

Information Systems Design

Concepts and Methods : Aspects of Analysis and Design of Transaction Processing Systems