Manajemen kearsipan untuk lembaga negara, swasta dan perguruan tinggi

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Manjaemen Transportasi

Manajemen transportasi

BUKU DIARSIP: Modul Strategi Bisnis

BUKU DIARSIP : Mekanisme Leasing

Analisis Rangkaian

Sistem Kontrol Lanjutan

Experimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement

Provides practical procedures to follow when planning, designing and analysing tree improvement trials.

Introduction to Design and Analysis

A Student's Handbook

Introduces undergraduates to the design and statistical analysis of common experiments. Concepts are explained with step-by-step descriptions, worked examples, and an extensive series of exercises. Wr

Microelectronic Circuits: Analysis & Design

MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS: ANALYSIS AND DESIGN combines a breadth-first approach to teaching electronics with a strong emphasis on electronics design and simulation. Professor Rashid first introduces s

Principles of Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design

New Tools for Industrial Chemical Reactor Operations