A Critical Survey of Studies on Malay and Bahasa Indonesia


In this book I have aimed at completeness in the sense that all publications known to me, which are wholly or partly devoted to Malay and Bahasa Indonesia (B.I.), or are important for the study of these languages, have been included. Popular publications in non-professional periodicals have been included only exceptionally. All the publications mentioned in the text are incorporated in the Bibliography (p. 91-157). The countless articles in four post-war, semi-professional periodicals in :'1alaya and Indonesia, Dewan Bahasa, Pembina Bahasa Indonesia. 11:1 edan Bahasa, Bahasa dan Budaja, are not mentioned separately in the Bibliography, but sections 33 to 36 contain a survey, as complete and systematic as possible, of the contents of these periodicals in so far as they pertain to the Malay language; nor have I discussed in the text or incorporated in the Bibliography several hundreds of titles of practical textbooks or school-books of Malay or B.I. which are of no importance to the scientific study of these language. These titles have been entered in a separate Appendix (p. 158--171). The fact that completeness was aimed at certainly does not mean that it has been achieved. Especially various recent writings from Indonesia and Malaya may have escaped my attention. Experience has also proved that publications on Malay sometimes appear in the most unexpected places. The qualification above: "publications ... devoted to ... , or impor tant for the study of" Malay and B.I. has been taken in a wide sense.

... be recorded a word-list at the back of C. de 13 Various Linguistic Studies.