Object Oriented Design for Unification Theory - Essay On Relative Gravity

Orion Daley's revolutionary new theory of Relative Gravity explains in an object oriented way how the universe is put together. The fundamental universe is viewed like a plasma of alternating currents. Symmetry is conserved through polymorphism of inherent properties. Given a wave length of some deep time, symmetry in properties is not at the exclusion of randomness. As derivatives, the four known forces: the Electro Strong and Weak, Electromagnetism and Gravity are considered to share symmetry where differentiated by their context. The relationship of dark and light matter is seen as that of impedance where particles to galaxies, or any other body between, are first viewed as manifolds having common and inherent properties. Particles can have opposite charge, and harmonics of vectors for strings with wavelengths subject to distortion. Bodies are considered skew-able and cumulative with respect to others within their context. Gravity is viewed as their fundamental relationship through superposition.

Its relationship with other peers is based on its level of superposition expressed
as M1/D2=M2/D1. About Relative Gravity: Normally we think of Gravity as
described. By Orion Karl Daley - 7 Object Oriented Design for Unification Theory.