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The ROI of Human Capital

Measuring the Economic Value of Employee Performance

The lifeblood of any business enterprise is its people. Yet it wasn’t until the publication of the groundbreaking book The ROI of Human Capital that there was a reliable way to quantify the contributions of people to corporate profit. Completely updated with new metrics, the book shows executives and HR professionals how to gauge human costs and productivity at three critical levels: organizational (contributions to corporate goals) • functional (impact on process improvement) • human resources management (value added by five basic HR department activities) The second edition contains new material on topics including corporate outsourcing, developments in behavioral science, and advances in trending and forecasting that have dramatically changed the way organizations measure the bottom line effect of employee performance. Utterly up-to-date, this is the go-to resource for organizations performing the essential task of measuring the value of their people.

With the examples so far, we can see that the cost of human capital can be much
more than is normally realized. ... they are moving, it is clear that the relationship
of human capital to productivity and profitability has been definitely established.


She had a long neck, deep-brown eyes, and dark skin that always looked tan. He
watched her check her reflection in the glass of one of the kitchen cabinets.
Maybe she was just getting old and tired, or her clothes were getting old and ❧ ...

The Empty Glass

A Novel

In the early-morning hours of August 5, 1962, Los Angeles County deputy coroner Ben Fitzgerald arrives at the home of the world's most famous movie star, now lying dead in her bedroom, naked and still clutching a telephone. There he discovers The Book of Secrets - Marilyn Monroe's diary - revealing a doomed love affair with a man she refers to only as "The General." In the following days, Ben unravels a wide-ranging cover-up and some heartbreaking truths about the fragile, luminous woman behind the celebrity. Soon the sinister and surreal accounts in The Book of Secrets bleed into Ben's own life, and he finds himself, like Monroe, trapped in a deepening paranoid conspiracy. The Empty Glass is an unforgettable combination of the riveting facts and legendary theories that have dogged Monroe, the Kennedy's, the Mafia, and even the CIA for decades. It is an exciting debut from a remarkable new thriller writer.

he diary was filled with yellow pages on which blue handwriting had broken all
the college rules. The word MEMORIES was embossed on the cover in the same
gold that edged the paper. It was a dime-a-dozen diary—available at any ...

Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

Helps nonprofits compete for donations and boost public awareness through the application of low-cost battle plans, time-tested principals and relevant tactics and by utilizing the "seven golden rules" of Guerilla Marketing for fundraising success and recruiting volunteers. Original.

Customers are the starting and ending point of the guerrilla marketing circle.
Traditional marketing is based on experience and then judgment, which involves
guesswork. Wrong guesses are too expensive for guerrillas, so guerrilla
marketing ...


Networking means to create nets of relations, where the publisher and the reader, the artist and the audience, act on the same level. The book is a first tentative reconstruction of the history of artistic networking in Italy, through an analysis of media and art projects which during the past twenty years have given way to a creative, shared and aware use of technologies, from video to computers, contributing to the creation of Italian hacker communities. The Italian network proposes a form of critical information, disseminated through independent and collective projects where the idea of freedom of expression is a central theme. In Italy, thanks to the alternative use of Internet, during the past twenty years a vast national network of people who share political, cultural and artistic views has been formed. The book describes the evolution of the Italian hacktivism and net culture from the 1980s till today. It builds a reflection on the new role of the artist and author who becomes a networker, operating in collective nets, reconnecting to Neoavant-garde practices of the 1960s (first and foremost Fluxus), but also Mail Art, Neoism and Luther Blissett. A path which began in BBSes, alternative web platforms spread in Italy through the 1980s even before the Internet even existed, and then moved on to Hackmeetings, to Telestreet and networking art by different artists such as 0100101110101101.ORG, [epidemiC], Jaromil, Giacomo Verde, Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, Correnti Magnetiche, Candida TV, Tommaso Tozzi, Federico Bucalossi, Massimo Contrasto, Mariano Equizzi, Pigreca, Molleindustria, Guerriglia Marketing, Sexyshock, Phag Off and many others.

The book is a first tentative reconstruction of the history of artistic networking in Italy, through an analysis of media and art projects which during the past twenty years have given way to a creative, shared and aware use of technologies ...

Analisis Struktur Cerita Pendek Dalam Majalah, 1930-1934

Studi Kasus Majalah Pandji Poestaka, Poedjangga Baru, Dan Moestika Romans

Literary criticism of short stories in Indonesian magazines, 1930-1934; case study of Pandji poestaka, Poedjangga baru, and Moestika romans magazines.

Setelah sampai saja keatas djembatan tempat Ma' moer djadi patoeng itoe, —
achirnja ... tap, kedoea tapak tangan saja tiba kekedoea telinganja. "Mati' kau, ta'
kan terkena olehmoe akoe." pikir saja kesoekaan (Darmawan, 1933: 1126).

Gus Dur, Sang Penakluk tanpa "ngasorake"

On Abdurrahman Wahid, and his political step in Indonesia.

Ketua Umum PBNU yang mantan Dewan Juri FFI, mantan Ketua DFJ, pengamat
sepak bola, pendiri Forum Demokrasi di era Orba, pembredel SDSB yang
mengungkitnya dengan cara menerima sumbangan SDSB, tukang tuduh biang ...

Manajemen pemerintahan

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Management of government in Indonesia.

Management of government in Indonesia.