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Yes! You Can Study in America

The Definitive Guide for Aspring Students

The fame of medical education in the United States draws enquiries from aspiring
doctors and dentists from every country in the world. However, the system of
medical education in America is heavily skewed in favor of their local students ...

The Pearson Guide to English for CDS Examination

But he had already walked away. The last word on the imperatives of the 'market'
had been spoken. Actually, this view of higher education should not have
surprised me. Worthies who look at everything as consumer products classify
higher ...

Our Story So Far 8

Chapter 7 THE NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM Have you ever given a thought that
the education system within which you are studying might be having a history of
its own? If you recall, the Indians in the earlier times were educated in the ...

Services Marketing

MARKETING OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Education is one of the important
measures of human resource development in a society. The growth in the
education sector results in acceleration of economic growth and prosperity of a