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Love Thy Customer

Creating Delight, Preventing Dissatisfaction, and Pleasing Your Hardest-To-Please Customer

Through the bestselling Dealing with People You Can't Stand, millions of at-their-wits-end readers have trusted Brinkman and Kirschner to provide productive and motivating solutions to effectively working with the full range of their managers', peers', and staff member's difficult behaviors. Since the publication of that book, Brinkman and Kirschner have been in high-demand as companies around the world have invited them to train their employees on how to prevent personnel problems from hurting the bottom line. Now, in an age where being "customer-focused" is a business imperative, companies have been clamoring for Brinkman and Kirschner help them train their front-line employees on how to provide exceptional service, regardless of how badly a customer behaves.Love Thy Customer will deal exclusively with the interactions and behaviors of service providers with their customers both external and internal. In Brinkman and Kirschner's trademark straightforward, but light-hearted and user-friendly style, they will cover specific communication skills and strategies for creating delight in customers, preventing customers from becoming difficult in the first place, and dealing with the full range of difficult behaviors and situations.Business readers are flocking back to the basics, such as the bestselling, Hug Your Customer. In an age when companies recognize that a key to sustaining long-term growth is delivering exceptional service to build a loyal and ever-widening customer base, Brinkman & Kirschner's Love Thy Customer will be welcomed by managers responsible for maintaining customer focus, owners of small to medium sized businesses wanting to cultivate a strong service ethic, as well as the front line service providers at their wits end.

" You've got to shoot for nothing less than customer delight, every time. "Love Thy Customer" "lets you count the ways" to communicate to your customers that you want to help them fulfill their needs, and make them feel cared for.

Hierophantic Experiences in Kashmiri Sufi Poetry

Hierophantic experience is an exalted visionary insight gained through the fusion and integration of six faculties-vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and thought. It is a close and harmonious relationship with a higher power beyond the phenomenal world of space and time. The impact of various experiences expressed by the caravan of our mystics bears a close affinity with Sufi poetry and with other mystic thoughts like Trika Shaster, Buddhist Philosophy, Neo-Platonism or other mystic literatures of the world. Kashmiri Sufi poetry is largely an expression of hierophantic experiences. In this book Kashmiri Sufi poetry is analysed to see how poetry, as an artistic expression of the Communion with the One, plays a crucial role in the mystical experience and how this kind of experience may be an evidence of the activity of the fusion. The aim of the book has been to seek out & document the literary spirit of the metaphysical, the mystical, & a paroxysmal pulse of the transcendental concord between the man and the Absolute as shared by the Sufis of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Sufi poets are altogether manifesting the same thought. Their source of
inspiration is Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani's (RA) and Hazrat Sheikh ul Alam's
poetry and aphorisms and those magnificent Sufi preachers who have spread ...

Pengetahuan, sikap, kepercayaan, dan perilaku generasi muda terhadap budaya tradisional di Kota Manado

Cultural attitudes of youth towards customs and traditions in Manado, Sulawesi Utara Province.

Untuk jenis tabloid mingguan dan harian beredarnya terlambat satu hari dari hari
terbitnya. Selain media cetak yang mempunyai target konsumen umum, adapula
media cetak yang sasarannya adalah penggemar olah raga, seperti Tabloid Bola
, majalah Film. dan Majalah Warta Ekonomi. Seorang ibu yang berdagang di
sekitar pertokoan di Taman Kesatuan Bangsa mengatakan bahwa anak-anak
muda di Manado gemar membeli majalah Jakarta-Jakarta dan novel karangan
Fredy ...

Effective Meetings

Improving Group Decision Making

The purpose of this book is to improve the decision-making process in social work groups. Illustrating the volume with various meeting models - including advisory groups, intergroup and intercultural meetings - John E Tropman examines a number of critical issues facing social workers including family and community violence, health care and homelessness. New to this Second Edition is a discussion of the relationship between meetings and missions, goals, and external and internal forces.

The purpose of this book is to improve the decision-making process in social work groups.