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Operation Research for Management

The field of operations management is increasingly recognised as being crucial to the success of a company.The premise of this book is that learning specific analytical techniques can provide a deeper understanding of the problems in operations management than merely reading about these problems.The book is concise while still providing a broad discussion of the issues and detalis to learn these valuable tools.The book of Operations Management features the latest concepts that has made this text a market leader.This approachable text supports students in applying concepts and methods by providing solved problems, examples, questions,practice problems and cases.

1 Operations Research : An Introduction Definition and Meaning Operations Research or Operational Research ( OR ) is an interdisciplinary branch of mathematics which uses methods like mathematical modeling , statistics , and algorithms ...

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bessere Statistik. In der Zusammenfassung der einzelnen Meßreihen werden die
Studenten vom PC unterstützt. Das Programm kann einfach durch Angabe der ...