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Menuju perumusan teori akuntansi Islam

Pengurangan langsung biaya terhadap hasil seperti pada harga pokok
penjualan mengurangi penjualan . 2 . Pengurangan langsung biaya menurut
periodenya , seperti gaji direksi . 3 . Alokasi biaya pada periode mana
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The Gaia Conspiracy:

The Last Days of Homo rapiens

The GaiaConspiracy: The Last Days of Homo rapiens is a narrative about an eclectic group of Americans on a canoe trip on the Yukon River with a guide who is a self-taught renaissance man whose mission in life is to educate his charges about the true realities of life on this little oasis in space, a counterpoint to the propaganda of the corporate media leading us into holocausts on all fronts. The adventure changes their lives, their perceptions of their country, their vision of the future, and leads them to realize that business-as-usual, playing the game within a corrupt system dominated by greed and lust for power, can only end in our last hour on this stage, and they determine to make an effort to reverse our rush into the abyss, knowing that apathy, ignorance and denial are powerful forces working against them.

“Women's rights, environmentalism, civil rights, racial equality, social security and
social safety nets, unions and workers' rights, consumer protection, international
cooperation instead of war, gay rights, resistance 161 The Gaia Conspiracy: ...

The FDA and Worldwide Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality System Requirements Guidebook for Finished Pharmaceuticals

This guidance book is meant as a resource to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, providing up-to-date information concerning required and recommended quality system practices. It should be used as a companion to the regulations/standards themselves and texts on the specific processes and activities contained within the QMS. This book includes chapters on US current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); international GMP; global GMP guides and harmonization; detailed analysis of the requirements and guidances; missing subparts; what inspectors are looking for; and the price of noncompliance. It also includes an appendix with two tabulated comparisons: the first compares US, European-PIC/S, Canadian, and WHO cGMPs, while the second compares US cGMPs with effective quality system elements. The companion CD contains cGMP regulations for sterile products produced by aseptic processing; it also includes updated data of statistical enforcement by the FDA, both domestically and abroad; a detailed glossary; and dozens of FDA guidance documents as well as international regulations (EU and Canada) and harmonization documents (WHO, PIC/S, and ICH). A very comprehensive checklist for a cGMP audit that is based on risk management criteria is also included. Finally, a comprehensive GMP exam is also included.

Manufacturers shouldalways refer to the specific regulations to make sure they
are complyingwith all regulations. FDA Questionsand Answers on cGMP
DothecGMPs require ... about apiece of equipment. Itis considered acceptable
practice to ...


Buku ini membahas secara tuntas pelajaran Matematika SMA. Materi dalam buku ini disusun secara ringkas dan jelas dengan disertai contoh soal dan pembahasan, bedah soal Ujian Nasional dan Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri. Keunggulan buku ini: Memudahkan siswa SMA/MA/SMK dalam mereview (mengingat kembali) materi yang telah diterima di sekolah. Memberikan gambaran kepada siswa mengenai soal-soal yang pernah diujikan pada Ujian Nasional, sehingga siswa dapat mendeteksi bentuk dan bobot soal ujian sejak dini. Memberikan gambaran kepada siswa mengenai soal-soal yang pernah diujikan pada Seleksi Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri terkemuka di Indonesia. -Indonesia Tera-

Buku ini membahas secara tuntas pelajaran Matematika SMA.

Object Oriented Programming with C++

Now that the various aspects of object technology are firmly established in the mainstream of computing, the principles and practices of object-orientation have become increasingly important to students on university and college computing courses. Object-oriented languages such as C++ and Java have found wide popularity in the workplace, and new methodologies such as the Unified Modelling Language (UML) have been developed to encompass object-oriented design and analysis. As higher education courses adapt to the changing technology, more and more students are finding the need for a simple introductory text covering object-oriented concepts, programming, analysis and design. This book satisfies that need. It is assumed that the reader has a practical knowledge of the basic principles of computer programming, though not necessarily in any particular language.The book demystifies the rather forbidding terminology used in object-oriention, and presents each aspect in a simple form, using C++ as the example language. The guiding principle is that concepts can only be learned through practical 'hands on' experience.

As higher education courses adapt to the changing technology, more and more students are finding the need for a simple introductory text covering object-oriented concepts, programming, analysis and design. This book satisfies that need.

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory

Essays in Honour of Barbara Godard

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory is a collection of essays written in honour of Barbara Godard, one of the most original and wide-ranging literary critics, theorists, teachers, translators, and public intellectuals Canada has ever produced. The contributors, both established and emerging scholars, extend Godard’s work through engagements with her published texts in the spirit of creative interchange and intergenerational relay of ideas. Their essays resonate with Godard’s innovative scholarship situated at the intersection of such fields as literary studies, cultural studies, translation studies, feminist theory, arts criticism, social activism, institutional analysis, and public memory. In pursuit of unexpected linkages and connections, the essays venture beyond generic and disciplinary borders, zeroing in on Godard’s transdisciplinary practice that has been extremely influential in the way that it framed questions and modeled interventions for the study of Canadian, Québécois, and Acadian literatures and cultures. The authors work with the archives ranging from Canadian government policies and documents, to publications concerning white supremacist organizations in Southern Ontario, online materials from a Toronto-based transgender arts festival, a photographic mural installation commemorating the Montreal Massacre, and the works of such writers and artists as Marie Clements, Nicole Brossard, France Daigle, Nancy Huston, Yvette Nolan, Gail Scott, Denise Desautels, Louise Warren, Rebecca Belmore, Vera Frenkel, Robert Lepage, and Janet Cardiff.

The phrase “they looked like us” reiterates the play's implicit argument for an
ethics of interconnectivity, and underlines the play's motif of the uncanny, in
which seemingly unrelated objects, people, or histories inexplicably become
drawn to ...