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The Invader

With teamwork and determination, what else could be impossible? On a 160-acre ranch in Texas, Grandpa Rex peacefully lived. One Christmas season, his grandkids and friends visited. Unexpectedly their visits turn into an awesome adventure for all of them. When Beob, the man who works in the government lab, became obsessed with capturing aliens, he started to put everyone at risk just to fulfil his greed. Because of Beob’s obsession, Grandpa Rex and some of their friends are put in danger and the world’s safety is threatened. Only the rest of the family can help in saving Grandpa Rex as well as the entire human race. Will they be able to save Grandpa Rex and the rest of the gang? Will Beob prosper with his evil plans? Will this be the end of everything? Join the gang in their thrilling adventure involving aliens and a whole lot more as you continue to flip the pages!

The original invader had been joined now by the new born aliens thanks to Sam,
a tree made fertile by Central Command from the planet Xeroxic. Sam the tree
would always have a place of awe and respect from Grandpa. For therest of their
lives JT, Dalton, and Grandpa Rex would spend many hours under that tree.
Dusty Clyde too found peace and happiness under that tree with his master
Dalton. The invaders had found most items they needed for their spacecraft from
trash piles ...

Istilah Komputer

Istilah Teknologi Informasi Dalam Bahasa Inggris, Windows Registry, Daftar Bertopik Komputer, Tabung Sinar Katoda

Sumber: Wikipedia. Halaman: 51. Bab: Istilah teknologi informasi dalam bahasa Inggris, Windows Registry, Daftar bertopik komputer, Tabung sinar katoda, Layar sentuh, Penghala, Trojan, Model-driven architecture, USB flash drive, VShell, P2P, MAC address, Access token, Webhosting, KVM switch, Komputasi, SYN flooding attack, Hierarchical storage management, Hiperteks, Backdoor, Alternate data stream, Media Access Control, Interprocess Communication, Daftar istilah teknologi informasi, Lingkungan pengembangan terpadu, Peladen maya terdedikasi, Server Message Block, Blue Screen of Death, Overclock, Spyware, Direktori punca, Layanan hos web, Real-time strategy, Slack space, Security accounts manager, MRAM, Unified communications, Pola desain, Computer-generated imagery, Single-sign-on, Multi-program, Pop-up ad, Tampilan layar datar, Barebone, Keylogger, Colok-masuk, Thread, Autonomous System, Quality of Service, Master boot record, Fully qualified domain name, Layer 2 switch, Zona demiliterisasi, Pemrograman Fungsional, Penghalaan, Exploit, Layer 2 tunneling protocol, Multicast, Advanced Systems Format, Rootkit, Cache-on-a-stick, Paradigma pemrograman, Telecentre, Power-on self test, Porting, MIDI controller, Mail transfer agent, Group Policy, Transceiver, Timbunan inti, Laboratorium komputer, Buffer, Wabbit, GUID Partition Table, Network Attached Storage, Penyimpanan magnetik, Standard Widget Toolkit, Game port, Open proxy, Route aggregation, Second level cache, Daftar topik teknologi informasi paling dasar, Tembolok aras pertama, Backhaul. Kutipan: Registry, dalam platform sistem operasi Microsoft Windows 32-bit, merupakan sebuah basis data yang disusun secara hierarkis yang mengandung informasi mengenai konfigurasi sebuah sistem, mulai dari konfigurasi perangkat keras, perangkat lunak, asosiasi ekstensi berkas dengan aplikasinya hingga preferensi pengguna. Registry merupakan pengganti berkas-berkas konfigurasi *.INI yang digunakan dalam sistem Windows 16-bit (Windo...

Sumber: Wikipedia.