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Financial Reforms in Sudan: Streamlining Bank Intermediation

The paper reviews the experience of financial reforms in Sudan with a view to assessing their macroeconomic impact and to shedding light on the question why such reforms have not yet brought about visible improvements in financial intermediation. The paper concludes that regardless of the progress achieved in recent years, deficiencies in the reform design, institutional weaknesses, shallow financial markets, shortcomings of the Islamic mode of finance, and strong seasonality remain key factors that constrain financial intermediation. Additional efforts, in particular in bank restructuring, credit instrument design, monetary policy management, and prudential regulation are needed to address the systemic problems of the financial sector and to make it capable of supporting private sector growth.

Anggaran dasar Muhammadiyah (baru) dan anggaran rumah tangga Muhammadiyah (lama).

By-laws of Muhammadiyah, Islamic organization in Indonesia.

By-laws of Muhammadiyah, Islamic organization in Indonesia.


After the loss of a loved one, a woman must face the shattering memories of a past trauma. Crash is the fractured unraveling of memory; a tour de force narrative about family, faith and love.

After the loss of a loved one, a woman must face the shattering memories of a past trauma. Crash is the fractured unraveling of memory; a tour de force narrative about family, faith and love.

Atlas industri mebel kayu di Jepara, Indonesia

Profile of wooden furniture industry in Jepara, Indonesia.

Dengan menggunakan data tentang tahun pendirian seluruh perusahaan yang
disurvei, maka kami dapatmenarik kesimpulan mengenaijumlah perusahaan di
klaster mebel dari tahun 1955 sampai sekarang. Dengan demikian, kami dapat
menilai besarnya ... Sebagai contoh (Sulandjari dkk.) dalam (Posthuma 2003),
mencatat 1.026 perusahaan pada tahun 2000, suatu jumlah yang 9 kali lebih
kecil daripada temuan kami (setidaknya 9.000 perusahaan pada tahun 2000).
Demikian ...

Second Chance

The only reason this book was possible is due to Amherst Drug Court, Horizon Village and the support from my family. I would like to thank the drug court staff, judge Mark Farrell, all my counselors, Resident Assistants, family and peers from Horizon Village. To start, Amherst Drug Court for not just sending me to jail and giving up on me. That they gave me the option and then took the time when they saw potential and hope to send me to Horizon Village, ninety day inpatient rehab. To Horizon Village, all the knowledge, time, compassion, faith and support the counselors and Resident Assistant’s gave was second to none. Not only did the counselors teach me about the disease of addiction, but went the extra mile to give me additional information in reference to my personal tribulations to help with my recovery and handle cravings and urges. The Resident Assistant’s, for making time to print all my rough draft stories and showing me so much support on this book. To my family, for their unconditional love and for never throwing in the towel and for supporting my idea about writing this book of my personal stories on addiction. To my peers from Horizon Village, for all your support that I write this book to help all addicts suffering from this disease of addiction. I just hope and pray these stories help others as much as they helped me by writing and re-reading these true stories.

We may feel out of control with respect to our addiction, but we can choose to set
our heart in the direction of life. I am back with a clear mind and stronger than
ever. My recovery will always be in the forefront now, and I am confident that I will
regain status in the engineering Society, and once again be at the top of my
game. “Never Say Die”! l was told to give the miracle of recovery a chance, don't
rush it or expect immediate results. Due to l was following all the rules at Horizon
Village, ...