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Proceedings of the Eleventh Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference, 1987

Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society. Conference. MATERIALS AND METHODS
Pot experiments The pot experiments were carried out from March - August 1987
at BIOTROP, Bogor, Indonesia. Plastic pots of 5 1 capacity were filled up with soil
(1atosol), sieved and fertilized with TSP (60 kg P20s/ha) . urea (45 kg/ha), K2SO4
(50 kg l^Os/ha). ... The first factor was soybean density consisting of 3 levels i.e. 2
, 4 and 6 plants/pot; while the second factor was competing mixture of 8.

The Indian Economy Since 1991: Economic Reforms and Performance, 2/e

G. Karunakaran Pillai 30.1 Introduction n the 21st century, the development of
higher education figures among the topmost national priorities across nations. In
the World Conference on Higher Education organized by UNESCO in October ...