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Data Mining V

Yielding substantial knowledge from data primarily gathered for a wide range of quite different applications, data mining is a promising and relatively new area of current research and development. This book features papers from the Fifth International Conference on Data Mining. Text Mining and Their Business Applications. Sharing state-of-the-art results and practical development experiences, these allow researchers and applications developers from a variety of areas to learn about the many different applications of data mining and how the techniques can help in their own field. The volume features contributions on topics such as: Data Preparation - Data Selection; Preprocessing; Transformation. Techniques - Neural Networks; Decision Trees; Genetic Algorithms; Information Extraction; Clustering; Categorization. Special Applications - Customer Relationship Management; Competitive Intelligence.

Besides, from Web Mining, new research areas were derived to guide the
solutions to its specific needs. In short, some researchers have worked on mining
the content of a web site (web content mining), others have decided to study the ...