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Proceedings of the First International Weed Control Congress: Submitted papers and poster summaries

Keynote address delivered at the 13th APWSS Conference, 13-18 October 1991,
Jakarta, Indonesia. 3.Baki, B. and Supaad, M.A. (1986). Chemical weed control in
direct-seeded rice with special reference to butachlor and butachlor + 2,4-D IBE.
Proceedings of International Symposium of Weed Science in the Tropics, 5-7
October 1983, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, pp. 93-102. 4.Lo, N.P. (1988). Field
evaluation of quinclorac for direct- seeded rice in Muda. MARDI Research
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Proceedings of the First International Weed Control Congress

17-21 February, 1992, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

M. Soerjani, D.E. Barnes and T.O. Robson, pp. 49-62, Biotrop Special Publication
15, Bogor, Indonesia. 18.Moussavi, M.R. (1986). A review of herbicide trials in
transplanted rice fields. Entomologie et Phytopathologie Appliquees 53(1&2), 17-
8. 19. Nantasomsaran, P., Chinawong, S., Notaya, A. and Vongsaroj, P. (1983).
Studies on herbicidal control of various populations of barnyard grass in pre-
germinated direct- seeded rice. Proceedings 1st Meeting of the Weed Science
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