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The Piggy Bank Murder

Major Rome of the Connecticut State Police is convinced the mother-in-law is the murderer, in spite of other suspects, including the husband who had a secret lover, and a 19-year-old neighbor. Rome admitted under oath that he used subterfuge, deception and his Bag of tricks, in an attempt to get at the truth. When you read the trial dialog that is from actual court transcripts, you'll get the feeling you re actually in the jury box. Even after you finish the novel and know who the murder is, you never the less will scratch you head and question the findings?

Tribal Invasion and Kashmir

Pakistani attempts to capture Kashmir in 1947, division of Kashmir and terrorism

The Tribal Invasion was a contentious and significant action, because of its serious consequences; and because it clearly violated the Standstill Agreement concluded between Pakistan and the Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, it resulted in death and destruction of thousands of innocent people; and it forced the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to seek help from India, which was only made available after the ‘provisional accession’ to India. Apart from that it divided our motherland resulting in enormous problems for thousands of families on both sides of the divide. It should also be remembered that the Tribal Invasion, apart from other problems also resulted in the first India and Pakistan war, bringing its own problems, animosity and divisions. Both governments since 1947 have spent billions of dollars on arms and have had three wars over control of Jammu and Kashmir. Both governments have enormous problems related to poverty, education and welfare; but because of the competition to control Jammu and Kashmir, they continue to divert money for military preparedness and continue to develop more and more lethal weapons.

Some Kashmiri parties, including some JKLF leaders accused us for promoting a
pro Indian agenda, as in their view we were diverting attention away from the
Valley; and they accused us for creating problems on the Pakistani side of
Jammu ...

The Odyssey Of Kashmiri Pandits

Destination-Homeland-Panun Kashmir

This book The Odyssey of Kashmiri Pandits presents the pathetic life of Kashmiri Pandits in exile. The Mass Exodus from their homes in the year 1990, have left them as refugees in their own country. The original inhabitants of Kashmir, scattered all over the world, are now haunted by nostalgia of Paradise on Earth. They were hounded out, after inflicting taunts, physical abuse, miseries, loot, and selective killing. The exiled community hopes to go back to their home land some day. What could have been the reasons for all these miseries? Were the killers caught?

Kashmir, after a long period of 496 years, passed again from the Mohammadans
to Hindus.....During the Dogra rule commencing from 1846 A.D., the Kashmiri
Pandits filled high posts with great credit. The Kashmiri Muslims consider 1846
and ...

Das Kapital

Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Oekonomie. Band 1. Buch 1 : Der Produktionsprocess des Kapitals.

Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Oekonomie. Band 1. Buch 1 : Der Produktionsprocess des Kapitals.

Kajian Kritis Terhadap Teori Integralistik Di Indonesia

Concept of state in Indonesian constitution; research.

Sebagai hasil perdebatan ini. sidang PPKI mengambil jalan tengah, yaitu dalam
Undang Undang Dasar yang ... dan cara pemungutan suara dalam hal
pengambilan keputusan dalam soal perubahan Undang Undang (Pasal 37 UUD

Place names of the Outer Banks

Cove Point See Cape Point (Dare County, Hatteras Township) Cowe Island See
Cow Island (former barrier island) COW ISLAND An island, 0. 1 mi. (0.2 km) long,
in Carteret County, Harkers Island Township at 34°39'45"N 76°34'02"W and ...

Sex in Middlesex

Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699

Social historian Roger Thompson brings the forgotten and faceless men and women in 17th-century Massachusetts to suggest that records from Middlesex County of the Colony and Province of Massachusetts Bay show that the puritan social system was not so rigid and the relationships between sexes not so regulated as some historians have suggested. The argument of 'Sex in Middlesex' is revisionist: the 'puritans' and 'theocrats' who throng its pages do not behave in accordance with popular stereotype or conform tot he interpretations of major historians.

When another witness found them in the woods together at dawn, Wilkinson
explained that they were retrieving stock, since "Durrant was so idle and lazy that
he would not looke after the cowe." Although this sounded like the pot calling the

The Invasion of the Crimea

Its Origin and an Account of Its Progress Down to the Death of Lord Raglan

This monumental work on the Crimean War by an eyewitness was first published between 1863 and 1887.

CHAP, man, the loss of the Sea of Azof was tormenting of — * course to his rulers
, and all the more since they knew that its severance from the Czar's dominions
was so far definitive that perforce it would have to be borne, until the Invaders at
last should choose to grant Russia a peace. III. Attack on The forces, both naval
and military, which had Kale and opened the Straits of Kertch lay assembled at
no record great distance from Soudjak-Kale and Anapa, thee meu ' held by
Russia on ...

The wrongs of Ireland historically reviewed, from the invasion to the present time

a national poem, in six cantos, with copious illustrations : to which is prefixed, an eulogium to Ogyagia

Solemn Introduction of the subject— Ireland compared to a Land of graves— a
theatre of carnage— appeal to heaven, the divine witness of her wrongs-
Invocation to the Harp of the West— Picturesque beauties of Ireland delineated—
her Geographical and Physical advantages illustrated— Arrival of the invasive
Danes— Spirited struggles of the natives against the first Invaders— successful
triumph of their magnanimous arms— restoration of national peace— Inroads of
the Saxon ...