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Adobe PageMaker

For Windows '95 : the Official Training Workbook for the Adobe Certification Program as Developed by the Staff of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Classroom in a Book: Adobe PageMaker for Windows '95 covers ten lessons that allow you to maximize the power, extensibility and sophistication of the world's leading publishing program, using the tools and features of Adobe PageMaker with the CD's professionally created electronic files. Classroom in a Book: Adobe PageMaker for Windows '95 supports Adobe PageMaker version 6 or later.

Home. r d d g In the heart of the Boston area lies a true architectural gem. This
Victorian dwelling exemplifies turn-of- the-century New England architecture at its
besr. In addition to its prime location just minutes from downtown Boston, this ...

Adobe After Effects 3.1

Written by the staff of the Adobe After Effects product team, this book is the fastest, easiest way to learn and master Adobe After Effects and have it up and working in hours. The CD contains movies, clips, images, sounds, and type used in tutorial files.

1 Make sure the current time is set to 00:00, choose Edit > Duplicate, then press
Command -I- Shift + P (Macintosh) or Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows) to open the
Position dialog box. Change the x axis value to 90, leave the y axis value as is,
then ...

The Amazing PhotoDeluxe Book

Discover the easiest way to enhance, customize, and have fun with your own photographs on any PC. This guide explain how to create your own greeting cards and calendars, colour old photos, adjust pictures and create family photo albums.

Fix up the house In this example the landscaping lost some of its impact when it
was placed in front of a construction site. To get the full effect, the house was
spruced up following the steps in "Filling selections" on page 101. The painting
was ...

Adobe Persuasion Version 4.0

Intended for intermediate to advanced Persuasion users on both Macintosh and Windows, this manual presents the features and potential of the software, along with a CD containing sample graphics, and tips and techniques for Web and Internet presentations

3 Press Shift+Return (Macintosh)or Shift -l-Enter (Windows) and type German
Division. 4 Press Return or Enter to create a new entry, and then press Tab to
demote the entry by one level in the outline. 5 Type Catalogue Sales. This entry
will be ...