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Computer Architecture and Organization: From 8085 to core2Duo & beyond

The book uses microprocessors 8085 and above to explain the various concepts. It not only covers the syllabi of most Indian universities but also provides additional information about the latest developments like Intel Core ? II Duo, making it one of the most updated textbook in the market. The book has an excellent pedagogy; sections like food for thought and quicksand corner make for an interesting read.

5.9.2 Internal Architecture While 8085 and 8086 were designed around Princeton
architecture (also known as Von Neumann architecture), 8051 was designed
around Harvard architecture. Harvard architecture distinguishes between
program ...

System Simulation and Modeling

Computer simulation models a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer to study how the system works. System Simulation and Modelingdiscusses system modeling and simulation through examples and applications from computer systems, statistics, manufacturing and insurance. It discusses materials for building a simulation model, evaluating results and taking decisions based on results. Also, Arena and step-by-step approach to convert a problem statement into an Arena simulation model are discussed along with commercially-available software on simulation like GPSS, SIMSCRIPT and DYNAMO.

Analyze Brainstorm using the model to identify potential changes and develop
scenarios to test improvements which will ... ProModel software features allow
you to: Conduct Quick-start modeling – creating models graphically, with instant ...

Power System Analysis

The role of automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and speed governor is considered
in dynamic stability analysis whereas it is not included in steady-state stability
analysis. Dynamic stability is more probable than steady-state stability.